KPC Cork

About Us

KPC Cork, LLC is proud to be a distributor of spray cork material for diverse industrial, commercial, agricultural, and residential applications throughout Southeast Louisiana and surrounding parishes—where temperature and moisture extremes can create issues with structural integrity and energy efficiency. Our mission is to serve our clients by re-imagining construction and delivering high-performance green-building products that are both energy-efficient and sustainable.

We’re an authorized distributor of Cork ISOLATE, an environmentally responsible, 100% sustainable, water-resistant sprayed insulated thermal cork material. Our product is unlike anything else on the market, with superior durability resulting in less than 1% annual fade compared to standard exterior paint’s 8% to 10% per year. Application of our revolutionary Cork ISOLATE material can make your industrial, commercial, or residential structure more cost-efficient by protecting it from extreme heat and cold along with fire and water, while lowering utility costs with green energy and providing long-lasting aesthetic appeal.

KPC Cork offers a full suite of durable and fire-retardant natural cork spray products providing exceptional, eco-friendly waterproofing as well as energy efficient thermal and acoustic insulation from one of the most trusted names in the industry. Every cork shield project includes a quote, expert consultation and application by trained technicians, and a 10-year warranty for your confidence and peace of mind. When you choose KPC Cork, you’re investing in a natural solution to natural challenges.