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Cork ISOLATE Spray: The Every-Surface, Non-Toxic Miracle

You may have to believe it to see it but we know at KPC Cork that our Isolate Projected Natural Cork Spray will cover any surface! Not only that, it will improve the durability of the surface it’s sprayed on and add value to your home, building, or industrial complex. These improvements come from the natural resistances and breathable quality of cork. Continue reading to discover the capabilities of our Cork ISOLATE Spray!

Application Process

Application Process


Isolate Projected Natural Cork Spray is a water-based product with the main ingredient being cork. Cork has multiple natural properties that make it ideal to use as a coating in any structure. In terms of being able to cover any surface, the essential facet of cork is its breathability and flexibility: this is due to the molecular structure of cork.

Cork under a microscope looks like a honeycomb: its cells create interlinking pockets which trap air inside. Cork is 80-90% air! It’s this structure plus the air pockets that gives cork it’s flexibility and make it a breathable material. These air pockets also pull double duty; though cork is flexible, it doesn’t expand and contract with changing environments which cause other coatings in your building to crack and flake.


This flexibility without expansion and contraction makes our Isolate Projected Natural Cork a fantastic repair tool for previously built structures. Let’s consider stucco, brick, and cement, for instance: all of these surfaces can be difficult to cover well, but cork spray coats these with ease! If there are any cracks in your foundation, walls, or siding spray cork can be used to fill these cracks. From there, using the cork spray as a new coating—further damages will be prevented as the flexible material moves with the building, but doesn’t react to the elements.


Metal structures, whether they are galvanized steel, aluminum, or metal siding, usually prove challenging to coat as well. Our Cork ISOLATE spray has you covered—yes, even metals—and insulated to boot! Working in a building with metal siding can prove to be very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer; not an ideal setting for you or your projects. With Isolate Projected Natural Cork, you can insulate the building while maintaining the integrity that the metal structure provides. With just 3 millimeters of cover on the outside of the building, you create a thermal barrier that will keep the elements from affecting the temperature on the inside. Now you can work in comfort without adding multiple treatments to the walls and siding.


Applied over Roof Shingle


Another aspect natural to cork is water resistance. Water resistance may seem to contradict the other qualities of cork such as its breathability, but it’s true! Cork spray is excellent for sealing roofs and outdoor spaces. Since our Cork ISOLATE spray will adhere to anything, you can spray it directly onto the roofing materials of your building—even shingles—preventing or fixing leaks. For outdoor patios and balconies, whether they be stone, wood, or cement, cork spray can seal these as well, giving you long-lasting coverage with little to no maintenance.


Cork is resistant to mold and mildew, making it an excellent choice to seal the exteriors and interiors of a property. Not only are you keeping mold and mildew spores out of your offices and homes, but you’re doing so with a non-toxic material! Cork Spray doesn’t need to be treated with additional chemicals to maintain elasticity or any of its resistances, and it also contains no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that could harm you. An application doesn’t even require face masks!


Working in an industrial setting can cause damage to your hearing, so adding any materials that can reduce the decibel level for you and your workers is an asset. Cork boards have been used in recording studios for decades to provide noise insulation, and cork spray works just as well—without having to damage your walls with mounted hardware! By coating one side of a wall with just 2 millimeters of spray, you reduce noise by 9 decibels—18 if you cover both sides! This is also great for a music rehearsal space in your home or to quiet the din in an office building.


KPC Cork’s Isolate Projected Natural Spray Cork already comes in multiple colors, but it can also match any color you choose. A bonus is that cork spray only fades 1% annually versus paint’s 10%! There are also different finishes depending on your need: a rougher, sand-sized grain that looks much like stucco, and a smoother finish for use in decorating and insulating homes. Because of its resistance to water, mildew, and mold, the maintenance needed on cork spray is minimal. For the exterior, a simple rinse with a hose—not even a high powered one—will remove any dirt, and debris can be wiped down on interiors if the need ever arises.


Here at KPC Cork, we believe in using the best environmentally safe products. With our Eco Cork, you can expect flexibility, durability, and low maintenance coverage for all of your resurfacing and insulating needs. Contact us today and start working with one of the best materials on the market!

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