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Roof-Rust No More: Cork Spray Is Changing the Game

Metal roofs offer a wide variety of benefits, but even a small flaw in the metal or a mistake during installation can begin the process of generating an ugly, rusty, red roof. Even the most highly-regarded metal roof options develop a patina or distinctive coating from being exposed to the elements. While this patina may be protective in some ways, in others, it makes the roof look varied rather than reliable and beautiful. Specific roofing structures are very vulnerable to rust if scuffed, dented, or otherwise damaged. You may feel comfortable recommending metal roofing materials, but most likely, you would want to use this material in combination with a protective product as well.  

Paint systems and other coatings exist, but the best option for turning a roof into a self-healing, insulating, and beautiful part of any structure is metal-adhering cork spray. You’ll no longer have to worry about rust, and cork spray performs better than paint systems in essential areas. When working with architects, construction buyers, and other professionals, you’ll be able to recommend cork spray as a way to combat roof rust proactively.

The Amazing Flexibility of Cork Spray

If a paint system or other coating is subject to cracking, water can seep under a metal roof, causing underside corrosion and structural weakening. Cork spray is a unique, flexible material that naturally resists cracking because of its ability to expand and contract in various temperatures. It doesn’t have to be patched often, so you need not fear that water damage will cause rust in the roof if it’s sealed and protected with cork spray. What’s more, you can also avoid nature’s tendency to make a roof unsightly; cork is naturally pest and mold resistant! These qualities help sell potential buyers on cork spray and on the other benefits of a metal roof.

Better Insulation Efficiency

Metal roofs don’t offer much in terms of insulation, given that many of the metals are good conductors. However, cork is a natural insulator, which means that sweet, cold, air that would otherwise escape through a roof during the summer will be retained. Saving energy is vital for both eco-conscious and budget-conscious clients and their consumers, so a cork spray coat can dramatically reduce monthly utility bills all while providing a wide variety of other benefits. This can help defray costs associated with coating a roof as well; the benefits of cork spray can create a low overall cost for the life-cycle of the product.

A Rainbow of Colors

Cork doesn’t have to be the plain old tan you think of when you see wine corks or cork boards; cork spray comes in a variety of colors. When you want to avoid corrosion and the unkempt color of rust, seal a beautiful new metal roof with over 15 different color choices! The pigment is dispersed throughout the spray, reducing its potential to fade or chalk. This way, your buyers get a vibrant, fresh-looking roof for years, which helps their bottom line as well as generating additional selling points on the benefits of cork.


Protecting Metal Roofs

While cork spray is one of the best ways for your customers to protect their metal roof, you can also recommend a variety of other tactics to keep a roof strong. For instance, it is important that they pay good attention to any deformation or scratch marks in a metal roof, since these can cause weakness down the road. Care should also be given to screws that have been used to attach the roof; if they are not fully attached or are askew, there is a possibility of water getting inside. Make sure to suggest that cork spray covers cut edges in particular: these edges can lead to rusting from exposure of the roof interior to the elements. Suggest that clients work with their construction crews to select screws, roofing panels, and fasteners that won’t react to each other when exposed to air and water over time. 

Once the roof is installed, the cork spray layer can act as a protective shield should there be some imperfections in the installation or supporting materials.


Learn More About the Power of Cork Spray

When a metal roof is installed, designers want it to be the last roof ever needed on that building, but that investment is vulnerable if it isn’t coated with a protective layer. Cork spray offers the benefits you need to keep any metal roof low-maintenance and beautiful for a long time.

At KPC Cork, we stand behind the benefits of Cork ISOLATE for a wide variety of uses around your next building project. In particular, though, it will extend the life of any roof, save money every year, and maintain the uniform, beautiful look that is interrupted whenever a roof is rusty. To learn more about how to make Cork ISOLATE a part of your contractor material offerings, contact us today!

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