KPC Cork


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Cork ISOLATE is nature’s most near perfect construction material that you can use in a variety of ways throughout a home or commercial building.

Cork ISOLATE isn’t just for bulletin boards or sealing wine bottles. It is the future of environmentally-friendly construction while reducing energy costs.

Allow us to show you how versatile and invaluable Cork ISOLATE can be when used throughout any construction project.

What is Isolate Projected Cork?

Isolate Projected Cork is a waterproof membrane that provides thermal and sound insulation.

With a layer of Cork ISOLATE, a home or commercial building is better protected against water leaking in where you don’t want it. Plus, Cork ISOLATE helps absorb sound and regulate indoor temperature.

While Isolate Projected Cork goes through some processing between the cork oak tree and a building, cork isn’t a “new” invention for building construction. It has a long history with a wide variety of uses.

The use of cork as a wine stopper, home insulator, and in the construction of things like sandals and fishermen’s floaters dates back to ancient civilizations.

The history of cork and its use throughout the centuries supports the idea of cork as the future of standard construction!